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April 27, 2008



Don't vote Boris I get, vote Ken I understand, but why green as second in the Mayoral election (certainly a need for a green presence on the GLA) Paddick much better as second choice, no?

But I agree, I'm just confused as to what people are reading and understanding if they can seriously consider the idiot that is Johnson as mayor here. Just bizarre.


I think the way the voting system works I'd rather put Green at 2, to give some proper representation to them in the GLA. I think Paddick will get enough of that with his 1's. Either way, the main thing is to keep the very nice, but very dangerous Johnson out.


The Mayoral vote is completely seperate from the GLA vote, Kester. If we want Greens on the GLA we need to vote for them on the other ballot papers.

Is this true democracy? If you live in London you could cast a vote for four different parties on Thursday, should you be so inclined.

As a further aside, I'm fairly disappointed with the approach the Christian Choice are taking, the ranking of their priorities with "Stop the mosque" at number 2 is both unhelpful to community cohesion and bad politics.

I'm a Christian and they're unlikely to be my choice.


Oops. Totally right there. And quite agree - very disappointed with the Christian Choice. Not my choice!

Jon Hallewell

Looks like the monkey has it.

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