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March 05, 2008



Do not listen to Melvyn Bragg whilst driving or operating heavy machinery.


My bowel has exploded several times in public toilets.

Jonathan Brink

Why does this whole post not surprise me.


I don't know, Jonathan. You're going to have to tell us I'm afraid.


Wow. It's tidbits of history like this that make me want to profess almost any other religion than Christianity. I honestly have no idea how we walk around so proud of a history that is so steeped in corruption and a philosophy that reflects anything but the spirit of love. Maybe I could come up with a new fake religion and profess that instead. Maybe I could be Budjewish, or how about Pagahindi? How about an agno-wiccen?

Ruben Sun

I listened intently to the BBC program you posted here, and re-read your notes on the end of strategy.

I feel like because the temptation towards empire being as strong as it is, we may just need to strategize more, not less, with the intention on keeping ourselves *away* from categorization, labeling, exclusivity--*away* from self preservation, self promotion.

I guess what I'm saying is that we need to be more intentional towards critical thinking and reflection that we can keep ourselves from *that* form of strategizing.

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