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March 12, 2008


steve lewis

I like your thoughts on the implications of the pledge. Good work.

One thing you didn't note, though, is what does a pledge of allegiance say about your identity as a follower of Jesus? As a U.S. citizen, who grew up reciting the pledge to the flag, I find that I can no longer do so (not that I'm in a situation where that's called for very often). I view my primary citizenship in terms of the Kingdom of God, not the U.S. My allegiance is to a government of a different order. I'm not anti-U.S. necessarily, but again, it's not primary.

Mike R

*groans* I couldn't agree more.

Like: Yep. What our school kids really need is a reminder everyday that they are not in fact citizens, but Loyal Subjects of the Queen.

Watch the nation's self-esteem plummet through the floor, and the incidences of emotional distress and related issues soar...

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