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February 25, 2008



Lord, save us...!

Benjamin Sternke

Category: Achievement in Hair (While Making It Look Like You're Not Really Trying)

Mike R


- Most prolific Blogger

- Most gratuitous use of unnecessary punctuation marks on publicity. (eg: re:connect, un:churched, dis:praxia, etc.)

- Cleanest Apple Mac...

The list goes on.

Pastor Astor

Best facial hair
Deepest deconstruction
Church with fewest participants claiming to be a movement
Strongest brew (coffee and beer categories)

Mike R

- The Flatest Leadership Category

(I think we're gonna need a bigger podium for that one).

bob c

jonny baker hosts
karen ward & mark peirson report from the red carpet
hosted at the fuller seminary auditorium

additional categories:

best original blog post
best blog posted adapated from another blog post
best sound editing of a mark driscoll rant
worst supporting community
least tolerable praise song


whitest atonement metaphor nomination: Scot McKnight for his golfclubs metaphor

unintentionally bad hairdo nomination: D Kimball

most likely to use "post" as a prefix for any historical event: Tony J

most improved theologian: Pete Rollins

fundamentalist/foundationalist emergent wannabe nomination: Mark Driscoll

best supporting role: Ingrid at http://sliceoflaodicea.com/


Chris Brain, anti-hero and patron saint of EC.

Lifetime Achievement Award
for outstanding contribution to car-crash-church

Can he be revised yet? Is he recoverable?

Adam Lehman

most likely to be labeled a "heretic"

least likely to author a controversial book

most linked to

best name recognition while still having zero facial recognition

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