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February 06, 2008



I stole that from Arjen Mulder’s TransUrbanism essay. Which is bang on for what you’re talking about, urban fields and nestings. There’s loads here, I’ll respond with an HG blog post.

PS. Last year, more people lived in (what is currently understood as) cities than un-cities, for the first time in history of this planet.

Arjen Mulder:


i took a roadtrip last week, where for 500 miles we were without mobile phone access. there were satellite phones by the side of the road every 50 miles or so, that could be used for emergencies, and roadhouses every 100 miles or so, but that was it... just us and the road [and a few thousand kangaroos, goannas and roadtrains]. the isolation is an amazing, scary and liberating experience.

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