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December 14, 2007



The results from a recent survey just came out in my area this morning (in the states) that had to do with local public opinion regarding our P.U.D. (public utility district). One question was added to this recent survey that didn't appear in previous years, and it pertained to how "significant" an issue people consider global warming and climate change. Approximately one-third felt it was "very significant" (e.g. requires immediate action)...while the other 71% felt that it was somewhat significant or not at all significant (e.g. does not require immediate action).

As I read this post this morning, I had very mixed feelings of both immense hope and deep frustration. Everyone outside the U.S., keep pressing forward on this road...I hope that soon we'll catching back up with you.

Kevin  Chez

The "muppet" doesn't write legislation. I love to hate cheap swipes at the President.

When will we call our Congress to account?


The muppet may not write legislation. But someone's hand is up his ass making his mouth fire off cynicism about global warming, his minions edit scienfitic studies and his bank-rollers protect their own interests in fossil fuels. He has a leadership responsibility here, and he's ducked it. If he'd inspired the American people to dream of a new future, one where they took a responsible lead in a global war they could win and be proud of, Congress would come running into line in no time.

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