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December 12, 2007



A powerful, honest and painful post tonight, Kester.

If those lads hadn't brought her to your attention, I wonder who would be praying for her now...

Justin Powell

Hey Kester, I've never commented on your blog even though I've subscribed for a while. This is a powerful post as your experience rings true in all of us. We all 'get' to have these moments where God's grace in our own lives breaks us for others. I really appreciate your transparency willingness to let us be challenged by your experience.


I imagine a lot of people reading your post will have been in fairly similar situations - but what would actually have constituted a 'worthwhile intervention' in this case? I'm genuinely interested to hear suggestions - because often in these cases you only think of what might have been the most effective thing to do/say days afterwards.
Kester - did you "wimp out" of doing something specific, or were you just stuck for (constructive) ideas altogether?!


I must admit, I've been mulling that too Stephen... it's always easier to come up with a line after the event, but I wondered if just something asking whether they knew that the reason the girl was so desperate for his cash was because she'd probably been trafficked, and then a few pithy punches about what that meant?

And yes, I think I wimped out.

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