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October 01, 2007


Maybe you're being influenced  by an animal spirit?

I like this post, and totally agree with the sentiments. A couple of issues of spelling turned into stumbling blocks for me. If you had written "Simian" instead of "simian" I wouldn't have wondered how you were corresponding electronically with an ape.

I'm also guessing your friends are stripping their digital lives "bare" rather than "bear". But maybe they're just trying to be more ursine to balance their simian influences?

This sounds really petty, but I don't mean it that way, and I hope you don't take it in that spirit. I really did think you were emailing a chimp or something! Ideally I'd have just emailed it to you, but found this more convenient than looking up your email address. Feel free to delete the comment!


You read well, Maybe. Nothing is by chance here.
And I don't delete.


Kester, I', in an unusaul position. I work as a clinical chemistry technologist in a hospital laboratory, plus I'm involved in leadership is a local church...but I work permanent night shifts ( 11:30pm til 7:30 am ). So in my situation the digital world is a pretty valuable tool for me. My friends, would soon likely not be my friends if I was to call them when I'm wide awake at 2,2,4 in the morning. I till try and have face to face meetings...but in my situation face book has become a great tool foe helping organize and communicate.

The quote, is extremely powerful, and should wke us up. It's sad for me to say this, but, I'm at my wits end, fed up with the status quo. It's seems it's nothing more than business as usual, try preserve and maintain a sinking ship putting plugs here and there to stop further leaking.I love Jesus, but his bride had better clean up her act if she ever hopes to make to the wedding feast.

bob carlton

first off, why is this not posted on conch ? why no YouTube video ?

with that lame attempt at humor out of my system, here goes

my experience with the US church is one that mirrors these comments

I fell madly in love as a teenager
dated as an early adult
longer to give myself over after a conversion-like experience 7 years ago

almost immediately, our passion was tamed
i moved to once a week session
ocassionally, we'd spice things up with new positions or even visitors

my friends advised me to stick with it, to stay for the kids or the pension

in the end, here's the deal I was faced with
stay married, but look for a mistress who ignited my imagination (or even just admitted its existence)
break up & negotiate visitation rites

instead, I broke up
it still haunts me, still pushes me
i am very buttoned up when I encounter folks in the main of the pension-bearing, member-managing portion of the church

even with the "free love" that fresh expressions & emergent offer, I am wary
I feel like my money & my privledge are welcome
but my body & my passion are not


This conversation seems to have a finger on a pulse, strong enough that the Onion did a satire piece this week called "I'm In An Open Relationship With The Lord" http://www.theonion.com/content/opinion/im_in_an_open_relationship_with

And, Kester, I really enjoyed signs of Emergence. Have already given copies of it to two friends. Blessings and thanks!

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It's seems it's nothing more than business as usual, try preserve and maintain a sinking ship putting plugs here and there to stop further leaking.I love Jesus, but his bride had better clean up her act if she ever hopes to make to the wedding feast.

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And, Kester, I really enjoyed signs of Emergence. Have already given copies of it to two friends. Blessings and thanks!


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