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August 07, 2007



if we ask ourselves how to be intervening love on another's life and our own, it opens the rigid qualifiers we have put around that action. To endlessly debate the why of God we avoid our fear.

rev. todd

this is really great stuff!!! Thank you so much!!!

barry taylor

I couldn't agree more with Pete on this one--as a big fan of Caputo myself, I think the 'third' option he puts forward is a way to move theological conversation forward, or at least into vital territory that needs attention--I think we have to find ways to break out of the binary oppositions that have shaped the theological enterprise for so many years--they generally aren't helpful these days and looking for new ways to put things is a great beginning --see you later this week


Agreed. Look forward to it!

becky garrison

Kester - this ties in with the work I did refuting the New Atheists - in particular, check out Francis Collins, "The Language of God" and Joan Roughgarden, "Evolution and Christian Faith."


Love it, love Pete's stuff, but hope he doesn't get sick.


Kester - how does Pete's thrid option relate to "intervention has definitely occurred in my life, there may not be a God, but what has happened to me seems sort of like stuff that happened to some people in the Bible, so by faith I'm going to believe that this intervention was by God, but hey I can't prove it".


What an absurd title for a book that is supposedly about God?

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