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July 23, 2007



hehe...that's funny. I like that part of facebook too - - demonstrating that I'm more than a "pastor" is always nice to be able to do.

becky garrison

BTW-MySpace worked as a free way to get the word out regarding my first book because I had no PR budget. But I sense that that program has clearly jumped the shark. I use the blog as a way to post any articles, press, etc. which is then posted to my Amazon.com profile but that's about it.

I like the dirty, viral element of Facebook as well. I do hope they workk out some of the bugs with their applications but already it has a much better interface than MySpace.

The key with Facebook will be if they learn from MySpace's mistakes especially regarding stalkers, pedophiles and the like. As a woman, I strongly encourage other females not to list their year of birth, relationship status and a few other items that will bring out the stalkers. Yes, friendships will develop and over time it may go into the romantic realm. I listed my age on my MySpace page and had to change it after I got some really vile stuff sent my way.

dave wainscott

I agree..it's great to be your facbook friend, btw.

excitd about the book!

Mike R

I think the reason we all started blogging in the first place is because we saw the potential of online social networks. For me Facebook is the new version of this, and the fact that the take-up has been so rapid and successful bears this out.

So is blogging dead?

(Oh and by the way I disagree with you about Twitter. However immature it may appear at first, I just don't think that you've seen its potential yet..)


It can only get better. Web 3.0 and beyond, when TV, gamming, social networks and virtual environments collide. Before then, it'll be interesting to see Facebook and MySpace go immersive.


Interesting piece on Facebook on the World Service here.

They call it 'transparency', not dirt, but amounts to the same thing.

Like to hear more about what you mean by 'immersive'.


I really like FB for all those reasons (and the graduate/friends reunited thing too). I think this evolution into desktop that seems to be happening will be very interesting. Already with the Zoho application you can use office type utilities within it.

They seem to have made some good choices that will make it all a bit longer lasting than some web things.

Glad your on there too.


Here's another 'Dirt' angle— talking to Sooz last night about Facebook going nuts, particularly this month. There's me thinking that Facebook was just for London creatives and networking. Then there's all the educational stuff you mention. Sooz’s only contact with Facebook is through gang culture. Apparently its be used to target victims and organise attacks.

That’s mad, it cuts right across the social spectrum and is being deployed in different ways to suit different needs—polyvocal design.

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