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July 26, 2007


becky garrison

Somehow I thought if Richard Dawkins morphed into a New Testament biblical character, it would be Paul. Thanks for the tip re: the talk. 'preciate it.


I, too, am concerned with where these ideas leave God. Just as the western church dances the line between righteousness and the way of the pharisees, I'm concerned that those who "return to the sacred" dance between grace and the way of the pagans. And I don't mean that in a deragotory way, but only to say that believers are still called to trust in God's promises, and to not turn away from His will, whatever that will might be. For the believer, it is easy idolatry to slip into the worship of the experience.


The said article was an expression of Scruton's left-brained doubt mind.The same inherently godless reductionism mind that informs the modern world altogether.

There was no evidence whatsoever of a Spiritually informed religious consciousness in his essay.

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