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June 29, 2007



looks good kester - would be interested what the design process for the cover was compared to the UK. Somehow I would have said straight off that this is for the US.

suzanna bond

yeah for the launch!!
I read Complex Christ last year and it was the right word at the right time for me.
I'm glad it's coming to the US and I've been telling everyone about it.
It has held my imagination and helped me frame some of the transition I have been going through personally and communally. It rises above some of the "fix it" scenarios of some other current books I've read and helped me to dream the future rather than pick apart the past.
I hope that the next year brings you some good thought and wonderful encouragement and deeper faith realized.
Thank you for this book.

so, the novel?


Thanks ;-)

Ah, the novel... Finished, and currently being read by a pro reading agency, who are going to crit it for me, then it's the grand agency circus. There are hundreds of m/s out there every week, so don't quite watch this space yet!

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