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June 20, 2007


John L

Nice metaphor, Kester. Leaving the "gravity" of inherited systems.

Herzog is great. We just watched his film “Lessons of Darkness” - amazing. And not to forget “Heart of Glass” - an all-time fav.


What one might do on a LONG trip to another planet is touched on in WBY. And is what NASA are having to investigate. It's only 520 days to Mars, but what the hell would you do on the way? Read the works of Tolstoy?

You're right... Lessons of Darkness is awesome. Hacked it with some Death Star voice overs for a Vaux service once. Still got it if anyone wants the DVD ;-)


hey! came across your post from microclesia... i love the term "escape velocity"... have you heard of Andrew Smith's album of the same name? awesome.


No... Have to check it out! Same Smith who wrote Moondust?

I do teach a bit of Mechanics though, so if you want to know the equations deriving the launch velocity needed to escape the earth I can tell you!

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