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April 09, 2007


Simon Cross

well this - as it happens - is the very reason I visit your blog... chuckle.


Lol. That's great!

John L

funny, my wife and i were talking about this exact thing the other night. sure, it's healthy to be open to other points of view. it's healthy as well to remain focused on the particular path(s) to which we're called. there's a sense of balance that happens, and each finds their own way.

that said, i think a lot of my reading is, by nature, challenging - not something i always agree with - something i must often wrestle with. your book, kester, is a good example. lots of great stuff that i resonate with, and a few things i don't - or would offer a different perspective/weight on certain themes.

alas many of my feeds are chosen because i'm often challenged by their thoughts, and the diverse conversation that follows (examples: jesus creed, naked pastor, open source theology, etc..). if i had to pick something totally contrary to my own views, it would probably fall into the realm of politics. perhaps this http://www.newamericancentury.org/


I have recently been reading Newsweek's "On Faith" Column at http://newsweek.washingtonpost.com/onfaith/ They have a smattering of writers from Chuck Colson to Susan Jacoby (she is feisty).

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