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April 24, 2007


Ali Campbell

true enough . . . I guess that is why I don't post too much on my own site, so not many visitors . . . if it has been said, why repeat it? I think there is the dynamic of time - we bloggers are consumers first and foremost, time is precious, I don't have the luxury of thinking my own thoughts . . . I should spend more time doing that, in the still place, maybe God would give me something helpful to share.


and the one sort of post i really dislike is one which tells you they're just writing it to stay on someone's 'friends' list or 'blogroll' as some put it. why on earth do they think i'm interested in their popularity...?!
that's why i like this one, constantly ideas that are challeging and plenty of posts to keep it fresh. thanks.

Jamie Arpin-Ricci

I think there is a point here. I would also say, however, that we are empowered as media "consumers" to ignore such blogs. Most often these blogs get attention from the very people who wish they wouldn't get attention. It's the "Da Vinci Code" factor- no exposure is bad exposure. Many of the most bitter blogs are given their platforms by those who publicly decry their content, and in so doing, simply create more traffic for them. Alas!



have you seen this little gem, pointed to by Bob Carlton?

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