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April 04, 2007



just summing up what your series has sparked me to think about :
strategy - gaming - power getting V graceful subversion - creative play - love giving - thanks for your inspiring thoughts, peace, j


Likewise, thanks for finding the time, this was a great series.

Mike R

This has been a really interesting thread, K, and it ties in with a some thoughts that have been rattling around in my head for ages.

I think the phrase "wise as serpents an innocent as doves" comes to mind - wise to strategies and gaming playing, but innocent of playing them. Innocence here is to do with lack of guilt rather than naïveté, for me.

I also think that the Sermon on the Mount, and especially the Beatitudes have a lot to say into these thoughts - they're like the ultimate statements of resistance in the face of power play.

I also think that the desire to strategise and power-play comes out of the deepest fears and insecurities - its easy to feel that what one is doing has no merit or isn't very good, and to over-compensate for that fear by tactical means.


i like your comments about innocence mike - reminds me of the children in the marketplace who refused to take the adult role and conform to strategic expectations - child like innocence intuitively and wisely discerns an invitation to join the wrong game - maybe that's why Jesus said that growing down is the kind of playful spirituality we should seek after

bruce grindlay

I'd like to think that a re-reading of John Howard Yoder's "The Politics of Jesus" might contribute greatly to this discussion. Although printed in 1972 it remains, in my opinion, a classic on what is politics/strategy for the followers of Jesus.


Great post ... great questions.


We all have a dream. Jesus had his dream of the kingdom. He didn't negotiate it within himself.
At some point he had to give up. Jesus tells me by his giving up that it's not up to us to make the dream come true.
Giving up takes the ultimate trust that we aren't the architects of our dream. But non the less we never give up. This is our integrity which collectively creates an undeniable existence.

Dana Ames

Kester. This is so good. Thank you.
Peace to you as well, in the name of the Lord Jesus.

homeopathic hgh

It can be a dream come true for me if ever i see him speak personally.

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