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March 17, 2007


Michael Crook

Hey there,

Thanks for the promo. Any idea where someone on the other side of the Atlantic (in Vancouver, Canada) might be able to get his hands on this series eventually?

It looks very interesting.


I'm pretty sure The Power of Nightmares came out on a limited cinema release over that side of the pond, but I may be wrong...

Let me know if you don't get hold of it... I'm recording it ;-)

Dana Ames

Thoroughly scary.

Club Soda

here's the intro to pt.2 of THE TRAP:


Kava Zana

The first two episodes are on youtube (in chunks):

Episode One begins here:

Episode Two begins here:

Winston Smith

lots of adam curtis fodder at:



All the full episodes are also out there are bit-torrents.
Try mininova.org

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