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March 30, 2007



It is amazing how quick the church is to condemn such art without thinking to pause and reflect on what the artist might actually be trying to communicate/subvert. Looks like a fab bit of work - although I bet they have to keep the temprature down to avoid Jesus becoming a sticky mess.


Interesting piece of art for sure. Would Jesus have been stripped naked for crucifixion, was this customary? Reminds me of a song called Chocolate Jesus by Foy Vance.


i think it is an excellent piece of subversive art. we all need to be reminded of the more than 'sweet' nature of Jesus, particularly at this time - like you say, exactly why it is the best time for the exhibition.


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sincerely I don't like this picture

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In my opinion she does not respect the beliefs of many people who may see this as disrespectful and needs to be more careful.

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To me this is not art is a joke again Christ I don't like this kind of post.

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A chocolate Christ? what a waste of chocolate in this boring fiction character.

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I don*t like this post is no respect a nobody is disgusting and you need to think what is that you are going to do.

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In my personal opinion do not consider something offensive, it's just art.

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oh man this the funniest post I ever read, this pour fition character made of chocolate looks pretty twisted hahaha.


Why this chocolate Christ is bald ? and where is his towel ?


I think you'd better have a little more respect for religious images.

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You need to be a respect person whit the religious things because your view is disgusting.

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You need to be more carefully whit this kind of images because can be offensives.

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Personally it's art but for many it can be a very severe disrespect

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Oh yes, I think this article is awesome


How strange ... a chocolate Jesus.

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It's art and is beautiful, but why with Jesus?

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