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February 12, 2007



Great stuff Kester - this made my morning!!

Graham Stacey

Very honest!

I too have had those days when I pledged to fast and by lunch time I am theologically justifying the need to eat and how grumpy I am getting is not going to help me, my wife or my kids.

I am often talking about training and not trying - John Ortberg in Life worth Living - to my team and congregation. How setting goals to fast all day are unrealistic and setting yourself up for disaster. Similarly with prayer and scripture reading, in fact most spiritual habits. Training starts with small obtainable and repeatable goals.

In contrast to that my last encounter with fasting was more than a 60 hour fast with no build up or training. This was in response to my wife going on a 3 day selection conference for ordiantion traning. My refelction was that my love and hope for my wife to flourish in her dreams was more than I had had for anything that I had previously failed at fasting for. And that it blows my training rather than trying theory…

Sarcastic Lutheran

I too believe in the power of self afacement...sometimes my friends will say: "why do you have to say that" after I've mentioned, I don't know, how selfish I am or how enormous my ego can be to which I respond "because it's true". It's not self-loathing, or false humility, it's just reality.

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