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July 16, 2005



Nice to find this site, I look forward to interesting thoughts.

What you've written there makes a lot of sense, in the context of all the current mass of discussion about how our society responds to the bombings. I'm somewhat convinced by Trevor Phillips' line. He suggests that a laissez-faire tolerance - which so easily characterises some forms of multiculturalism in this country - is actually destructive, rather than a benign characteristic. If differences are simply passed by as we walk, then we might actually fail to acknowledge the humanity of that different person. Indifference, by which you say a lack of gift exchange, in a way critical engagement and everyday contact can. Identity needs to be acknowledged, and tolerance isn’t enough for that.


Nice to have discovered you.

"Terrorism is all about a violent breaking of boundaries: smashing your way into another's land, life-style, day-to-day life and saying, 'Be afraid, I am in your territory somewhere so you can never feel safe."


"Perhaps what we need to do as a Western society is ensure that the message is put across more clearly (and that we act on this message) that we are not interested in violating boundaries and building a new capitalist empire."

It seems diffcult to exchange gifts when we are dropping bombs. Yet, I agree that the way may be to exchange gifts.

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